Monday, August 23, 2010

Rhea Schmid

 Rhea, 17.
amateur photographer/CCD teacher/animal lover

For some fuss-free natural beauty picks, read on after the jump!

Makeup Products: 

1) Burt’s Bees Chapstick (Beeswax)
2) Nivea Essential Care
3) Rasberry Born Lippy Balm from The Body Shop
-Yeah, I’m a lip balm type of girl. I like to switch among the three. Those are the only products I use religiously. But if I have to wear make up, a special occasion for example, then I use the following:
4) BUXOM Lash Mascara –I wear contact lenses, and it’s hard to find mascara that does not irritate my eyes.
5) Eye Contour Kit by Benefit –Less is more. I’m a minimalist once it comes to make up. The natural earthy tones is as adventurous as I get when I apply my own eye shadow:P

Skincare/Bodycare/Haircare Products:

1) Nivea Lotion
- I have a bottle in my car, because my mornings before school are usually pretty hectic and…I forget to apply at home.
2) Heliocare Extreme Sun Protection
- Can’t keep me cooped up indoors for too long.
3) Herbal Essences ‘None of your frizziness’
-My hair isn’t frizzy, but I do have a lot of those awkward young hairs. This shampoo keeps them in place.
4) Noxema Facial Wash- An instant refreshing feeling!

Cheap Item:

Who doesn’t love H&M on sale? Got some pretty cheap and simple t-shirts that I can match up with pretty much anything.

Pricey Item:

My favorite black bag was originally quite pricey, definitely something I wouldn’t normally buy! I got it on an 80% sale though! Does that count?

My advice: don’t forget to take off the price tags from your newly bought items…

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