Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Brows & Lashes: Will we ever be able to have it all?

Every time I'm in the drugstore for little errands, the L'Oreal counter catches my eye with its big blue Renewal Lash Serum poster. It makes me think of this never ending struggle to enhance what we have, which is a more pocket-friendly alternative to permanent enhancements (collagen lip injections, brow implants etc) - but these products are coming up so fast in the beauty market that it's hard to keep up with what actually works. I've heard many women complain about the sparseness of their brows, and the stubby length or their lashes - I thought brow kits and gels would cut it, and there's always the glorious invention of the Fiberwig mascara and the Shu Uemura lash curler (best tool in the world), but it doesn't seem like it's ENOUGH. 

First things first. TRY EVERYTHING you can before going for a permanent fix.

Browhaus, which is located on the uppermost floor of Greenbelt 5 (near Nail Tropics) and above the restaurants in Serendra, is definitely an innovative place for anything to do with your brows and lashes. The Browgraphy is their most basic service, one that I like to indulge in since it covers everything I really need (threading, dyeing, reshaping). The thing is, I was blessed with caterpillar brows, very dark and thick, so naturally I feel like this is enough for me. But for my cousin, who had plucked her brows into oblivion in the 90s needs something more. More like the Brow Resurrection, which is an expensive but amazing hair implant service with many happy testimonials and impressive pictures to vouch for the ridiculous price. I think that whatever it is that you need help with - Freida Kahlo bush or Betty Boop lines - Browhaus is probably the best place we've got in the city to deal with it. 

False lashes are a godsend, especially to those who have very light and thinned out lashes - a situation where mascara would seem like the only answer. Falsies definitely require some work to put on, you need the right lash glue and a good pair of slanted Tweezerman tweezers to apply them, but the results are incredible.
If you're too lazy to do this on a daily basis, there's always the fact that almost any local salon now has lash extensions, which beefs up your lashes tenfold and lasts a decent amount of time. However, the cons seem to outweigh the pros. After trying this out I noticed that my own lashes started falling along with the falsies (I heard that lash hair takes FOUR years to grow back to its full length). Also, the fact that you can't really wash your face is terrible for your skin. Wipes don't cut it and the residue can cause breakouts. So what to do?

It is so hard to find Latisse here in Manila. I know that there are people who bring it in and sell it off Multiply, but I don't have the time or the patience to search for them. The Ardell brow and lash growth enhancer should be available in Beauty Bar, but I can never seem to find it. 

So... I went to Watsons during my lunch hour and grabbed a tube of L'Oreal's Renewal Lash Serum. From all the reviews I've gone through, it seems to help both lashes AND brows. It fills in sparse areas over time, as well as prevents lash fall. You can imagine I was so eager to try this out, I went straight to the office restroom to swipe it on - and well, it is gel. It did seem to work like a clear mascara. Now, the morning after two coats, my lashes feel the same but somewhat softer. I can't really come to a conclusion now, but I'll get back to you in three more weeks. If this works, I think it'll be a shining beacon of light in any local department store for everyone. 

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