Monday, September 13, 2010

Carmela Villegas

Carms, 25.
parisienne/ pinoy at heart/ 
hopelessly romantic/future patisserie owner/ 
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For a really simple, classic routine, read on after the jump!

Make-Up Regime

1.       I always start of by moisturizing! You don’t want your make up to start giving you that cracky effect before even going out of the house. I live in Paris so the winter time is really dry so I like to use strong moisturizers such as Biotherm AquaSource. Really helps during the dry season. When I’m home in Manila since it’s very humid I use a milder moisturizer such as Clean and Clear.

      During the day I also put on Sunblock. A new product I’ve tried is the Belo Essentials Face Sunblock. It doesn’t give you that sticky icky feeling when you put it on.

2.       Then goes on the Concealer. Fab find: Cinema Secrets Concealer. It’s amaaaaazing!!!! It really hides everything. You just tap it on the spots you want to hide. And Voila.

3.       BareMinerals Foundation, Bronzer and Loose Powder. The line of products are really nice for your skin. I love it because I tend to have oily skin and cream base foundations give me that shiny greasy look in the middle of the day or at night. I hate it when it happens. Since this is powder based it not only gives you a fresh natural look all day it also evens out your skin before applying the rest of your make-up.

I sometimes apply the bronzer as foundation all over the face to give me a sun kissed look. Don’t get a very dark bronzer stick to something a shade darker than your skin.

4.       Ever Bilena Highlighter. Sephora Bronzers. I use a bronzer and highlighter more than I use blush. Leaving in France I don’t get to go to the beach as often as I want and get any sun exposure like living in Manila. My skin color tends to go on the pasty white side which doesn’t make look or feel good. So a bronzer always lightens up my face and gives it a certain glow.

5.       Mac Eyeliners. Love the colored metallic eye liners of Mac. You can use it anytime. Put it on a simple line above your eye for a day look. At night smudge it to give you a nice smoky look and add a line under your eye. It’s really easy to put.

6.       Mascara. Love mascara adds a certain look to your eyes. I use the Maybelline Long Extreme Double Strech Mascara. This cheap Mascara give you the false eye lashes effect.

7.       Since I usually go for a natural look I always put on lip balm unless it’s an event then I’ll add gloss or lip stick with color. Avene Lip Balms are great keeps your lips really soft.

Hair and Body
 Aveeno Body Lotion is great for winter weather. Olay body quench is also a fave which is lighter for Manila weather so you don’t get that oily feeling after applying it.
I love CreamSilk Conditioner. I always bring 2 or 3 bottles with me when I go back to Paris. It’s affordable. It also gives your hair the moisture that you need when you’re on a budget and can’t get a hot oil treatment every month.
I take my make-up of with Pond’s Cold cream. It’s soft and doesn’t leave your skin dry.
 Aveeno Skin Brightening Facial Scrub. Works wonders on those areas prone to get acne. It also isn’t a harsh product so it doesn’t leave your face dry after you wash it.

Cheapest thing I use in my beauty Regime is baby oil to take of heavy eye make-up. It just comes off. It doesn’t hurt your eyes. Also lip balm. I have a collection since I have one in every bag.

Best Beauty Advice:
Moisturize and use sun screen. You don’t want to get wrinkles at a young age. 

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  1. moisturize and sun screen. check! i will mentally note that.:)