Saturday, September 4, 2010

Try it for the weekend: Go Organic

My favorite thing about Sundays is the Legazpi Organic Market. I'm there every week since I live so close to it, so you could probably run into me somewhere between ten and eleven am. Not only does it have yummy food (amazing homemade jams, enormous ensaymadas, honey and other really incredible things) but it's got quite it's fair share of locally made organic products. And you know, products and I go hand in hand, no matter where I find them. Let me walk you through some of my favorite vendors.

Z.E.N. (Zestful, Energetic, Natural) Organic Personal Care Products:
Now when you enter the market through the parking lot, this is the first stall to catch your eye. Well, if you're looking past the gigantic Himalayan salt rocks (which are also quite rad). The Z.E.N. booth is like a buffet for product junkies because it's got everything you need and quite possibly more. The baskets of soap that are lined up in front of the tables are hard to miss, people are constantly squatting around the area grabbing at hundreds of multi-flavored/colored/functional bars of glycerin and vco. I personally love the Cinnamon soap, because it smells divine (cinnamon turns your senses on full force, really helpful on a monday morning), the Barako Coffee scrub (prevents cellulite!!!), the Palawan Kelp scrub (SLIMMING!!!) and their gugo bark shampoo (which my dad swears by). Try not to use up all your money in the first five minutes at the market or you'll be sorry (but thrilled, secretly).

Indigo Baby:
Well! I have a lot to say about these products (whose part-owner I just featured a week ago, Monica Eleazar-Manzano), probably because I have a two year old son who is incredibly enticing to mosquitoes and just about any other bite-crazy creature (his father). The Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me insect repellent is genius because: a) it really does work, b) it doesn't smell like other organic repellents (most of the ones I've tried before this one had a super strong citronella smell) c) the whole family is obsessed with it and d) it's chemical free which is really important for little ones. And when Lucas was very young he used to scratch his face a lot, which is how the Jar of Hope first-aid gel came in super handy. I myself use it when I have headaches, I sort of just rub it right into my temples and wait for the cool feeling to take over.

Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials (All Organics):
I am OC about my skincare regimen, and there is always one particular ingredient that I'm after - Guava. It was introduced to me a couple of years ago by the mom of one of my friends and I've been using it ever since. Since I moved back to Manila it's been much easier for me to find, and this particular brand of Guava soap is amazing. Also, I use their Rosehip Cream compulsively, but on my hands as opposed to my face.

Probably the best packaging and most unique formulations I have seen for eco-sustainable products EVER. This is the kind of store that will sweep you off your feet because you will feel like you NEED everything. For your body, for your home (herbal laundry detergent!). I have spent a decent amount of time standing in front of this stall simply staring (at the risk of weirding out the very cool people who run it). I swear by their Skin Disorder Manager soap which has chamomile and calendula for my little bouts of skin issues. Good luck trying to pick just a few items!

Human Heart Nature:
Talk about brand loyalty. I literally have everything from this line of products. I've been hooked from day one. With proceeds going to Gandang Kalikasan and outstanding ethical principles behind the brand, it's hard not to go crazy at the Human Heart Nature stall. People have been so crazy for it that it's now in Rustan's supermarket - making it readily available to the maddening crowd. However, I still like trawling through the market to peek at the small but varied collection at the Legazpi booth. You may have heard about their super fantastic Tomato and Lemongrass toner, or even their Moringa facewash - and yes, it's all true. These products work like their more expensive department store counterparts but without the dryness and harsh stinging of chemicals. My picks are any of the toners, the guava and aloe vera face wash, and the handy dandy sanitizers.

So next time you're sitting around on a Sunday wondering what to do - you know where you should be! Happy weekend!

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