Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steal This From: The Kids

With my son's second birthday just around the corner it's easy for me to lapse into memory lane: when I first brought him home, his first bath, his first bout of allergies and how I panicked when I saw them. I must have googled "baby, rash, products" to death till I had at least a full list of hypoallergenic items that had high ratings and good reviews. I guess this is what started the oc fact checking, but I'm happier now that I buy products that have pre-approved results. The point is, a lot of child-friendly products are milder versions of adult-friendly products. Really good if you have extra sensitive or picky skin like I do. The products displayed above are personally loved by Lucas, and me!


Johnson & Johnson's Shea and Cocoa Butter Baby Lotion:
A lightweight version of heavier cocoa butter creams like Palmer's. The scent is so sweet and subtle, really perfect for babies or for some light daytime moisturizing. The huge-o size will last you a few months, great value for the ingredients used.

L'occitane Creme Maman & Bebe / Baume Maman & Bebe:
I won't even get into how helpful the balm is, it really soothes cracked and sore areas. The creme is amazing for elbows and knees, it's also incredibly nourishing for babies who suffer from dry skin.

California Baby Sunscreen Spf 30:
Fragrance-free, good coverage yet light and easy on the skin.

Indigo Baby Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me insect repellent:
Previously reviewed by me, a must-have for everyone. I love everything about this. Lightweight, non greasy and smells relaxing as opposed to other harsh chemically enhanced versions.

Buriti Baby Body Butter:
I had the sample size of this product, which has a very mild non-cloying fragrance. It really made a difference in the quality of my son's skin. We alternate between this and the Canus brand Petit Chevre goat's milk body butter for some very fast results.

Nivea Baby Eau de Senteur: 
I personally love this for myself, for a really soft and fresh feeling after showers. It has no alcohol and is really delicate on the skin and non-drying. It's a pretty, subtle smell.

Weleda Calendula Lotion:
I bought this at the pharmacie in Paris when Winter was taking its toll on my skin. My upper arms and calves were so dry that only this combined with Aquaphor managed to cure the damage. It's available locally through Multiply.

Aveeno Baby Colloidal Bath Powder:
When you've got a baby with skin asthma, this is one of the best soothing treatments you can use. Thank God someone had the good sense to import the entire Aveeno collection here!

Mustela Baby Wipes and Soothing Comfort Balm:
The best combination for a cute little bum... orrrrrr your face! My favorite brand for baby products, I used almost everything on myself when I was at college. Their Hydra-Stick was in every bag I owned (or every coat pocket, along with a tube of Labello).

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