Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Isabella Tolentino

Bella, 19.
literature student/ enthusiastic taste-tester/ adventurer
To see some great finds, read on after the jump!

favorite make-up:

1. MAC smolder eye kohl black eyeliner-->so practical

2. MAC Ruby Woo lipstick--> gives a nice oomph

3. Covergirl concealer--> good-bye dark circles
4. Natasha cosmetics Mascara--> luxury quality for a bargain price
5. Nut Hush lip and cheek gel by The Body Shop--> a lovely rosy glow
6. Lancome black liquid eyeliner--> compact with the tiniest brush
7. Faceshop color nuance eyeshdow--> practical for those days when you need a day time to night time look. 
8. Natasha cosmetics misty mocha lipstick--> great for school days

favorite skincare products:
1. aveeno soothing chamomile body lotion---> You feel and smell great afterwards
2. Cetaphil face moisturizer--> perfect for when the hot shower leaves your face dried out
3. Lizard Lips lip balm--> great for those parched lips

Best bargain find: Natasha cosmetics black mascara--> it was actually a freebie though. haha. but i totally plan on buying from them in the future.

Best Beauty advice: Take good care of your skin. Because as long as you've got that going for you then you're good to go. - Mom
youtube it.- best friend

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