Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Marie Martelino Lon

Marie, 24.

"I am a film production student at USC's specialty Cinematic Arts school funded by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

I am a guitarist for a hip-hop group."

For some really awesome hair products and some tips, read on after the jump!

eyeliner: MAC engraved.
mascara: DIORSHOW BLACK OUT (it's sooo the best).
blush: NARS orgasm.
lipgloss: NARS turkish delight (my absolute fave).
concealer: MAC studio finish.

my fave hair product used to be kerastase nutritive oleo-relax (anti-frizz). i still think it's a great hair product. but ever since i got hooked up with two AMAZING japanese hairstylists (they're husband and wife haha), i haven't had the need for any kerastase products. i use good old reliable pantene pro-v now. it's awesome how good that shampoo is to hair. haha, as for the new conditioner product that i love (those cool japanese hair stylists get snaps for introducing it to me), i really love PHITENBELLA TREATMENT by Yuko.
Japanese hair products never disappoint! if anyone hits up LA/bev hills area, i would LOVE to promote stylists Miwa and Takeshi from UK salon. they are so reasonably priced and they make your hair exactly the way you want it if not even better. 

haha, i love the shit out of them.

as for body products... um, i don't really use lotion. but i tend to use St. Ives swiss formula (FresH20) moisturizing body wash, or good old creamy dove soap.

for my skin care (blemishes or acne control), i use RETIN-A MICRO (tretinonin gel) - it's the best product i've used yet for my skin. and since you know me, you know i have acne issues. retin-a by neutrogena is like magic formula status.

for eye makeup remover, i think the best thing out there is lancome tonique radiance. but since it's expensive, to save up on costs, i use olay all day moisture lotion with a q-tip. haha, it wipes off everything (rivs actually hooked me up with that tip).

um, for perfume i only use these three:
- cacharel anais anais (soooo lovely the scent, and savannah turned me on to that one).
- dolce light blue (OF COURSE) -- the default perfume.
- l'eau par kenzo pour femme (just the regular standard shit) -- i dig how fresh it smells.


  1. elisah,

    like i once said to you a long time ago - i want to pet your (NATURAL) golden locks.