Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Best Natural Lipstick Color in The World: Found!

You'll know what I'm talking about when you slick it on. It's LOVE. It's glossy without being too sheer, it has enough color to pack a punch and it's universally flattering. Too good to be true right? I haven't used a lipgloss since my high school years and yet the glossiness of this lipstick has given me new hope. To some it may be an old familiar favorite, but for others, it's the discovery of a lifetime. Ladies, meet... your lips but. MUCH, MUCH BETTER. 

NARS Dolce Vita. Take it in any form you can get. I just bought it last month and I'm almost ready to jump for my next tube. 

Pick of the Week: Pond's Gold Radiance Line

A little note: So... it has been quite awhile. Honestly I didn't know if I'd ever get it together enough for me to start blogging again, what with the end of the year approaching and the crazy final quarter schedule I've had. Many happenings lately, but I realized I missed this after getting a little bit of recognition for one of my other blogs... nothing like a really great compliment to make your day and jumpstart a flagging blogger career. Anyway, here goes!

I don't know what it is about brand new products that makes me think it's Christmas morning. Maybe it's the unfamiliar shiny packaging, and the promises of "youth, glowing skin, radiance, precious minerals". Or maybe it's just the fact that it has the potential to be a product that I will use FOREVER (THE product, the golden ticket to perfection!).. Regardless of what it is, the jolt I felt when I came home a few weeks ago to find a GOLDEN BOX on my bed was unmistakable. For some reason Ponds decided to send us quite a collection of items from their Gold Radiance line. The box included the spf15 day cream, eye cream, serum and face wash. Of course, the first thing I looked at was the serum - it has little pieces of gold foil suspended in its gel-like formula. And thennnnn I looked for the little pamphlets that normally accompany such items and what I read was sort of...lacking. It basically said that it was a youth rejuvenating serum with precious gold particles. Period. After further research, I came across this press release:
"Pond’s Gold Radiance is the first Pond’s product which has real gold micro particles. These gold micro particles is blended with Pond’s patented anti-aging ingredients which in harmony fights dullness and recaptures youthful radiance and gives instant glow to the skin.
The gold micro particles used in Pond’s Gold Radiance is 99% real gold which has known good effects on skin. Gold as a natural mineral is known to give instant radiance to the skin while enhancing skin’s renewal process (replacing dead skin cells with new healthier ones) and skin elasticity (ability of the skin to go back to normal state once stretched)."
Well I've tried less glamorous things, and I must say it really intrigued me when I realized that I would be exfoliating with micro particles of gold so of course, I gave it a go immediately. And this is what I've got to say!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steal This From: The Kids

With my son's second birthday just around the corner it's easy for me to lapse into memory lane: when I first brought him home, his first bath, his first bout of allergies and how I panicked when I saw them. I must have googled "baby, rash, products" to death till I had at least a full list of hypoallergenic items that had high ratings and good reviews. I guess this is what started the oc fact checking, but I'm happier now that I buy products that have pre-approved results. The point is, a lot of child-friendly products are milder versions of adult-friendly products. Really good if you have extra sensitive or picky skin like I do. The products displayed above are personally loved by Lucas, and me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pick of the Week: Coppola's Keratin Treatment Products

So I got a haircut yesterday at my favorite snipping place, and guess what my stylist had to say? DAMAGE, DRYNESS, DISASTER! Well, maybe not in those words, but she kept tsking as she brushed through my mane of tangled hair. Now that I think about it actually, she would occasionally stop and mutter "dry, dry,  dry" - an ominous sign that meant expensive treatments were coming my way. After figuring out that it was the hugely publicized Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable shampoo that was creating havoc (oily roots, dry ends) on my hair, I decided to chuck it out and go for broke with a new brand. 

After exhaustive online research I settled on two very eligible hair products, Coppola's Keratin Complex shampoo and its promising Vanilla Bean deep conditioner. Lucky little me managed to find this brand here locally at the Greenbelt Piandre salon, and this is what I have to say about it:

Wowza! Every day can be a Brazilian blow-dry day!!! More after the jump!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Isabella Tolentino

Bella, 19.
literature student/ enthusiastic taste-tester/ adventurer
To see some great finds, read on after the jump!

Chanel Winter '10: A Soho Story

Press Release:

To celebrate the reopening of the CHANEL Boutique in SoHo, CHANEL Global Creative Director of Makeup Peter Philips has created a limited edition collection that echoes the spirit of SoHo. “For me, SoHo is a place where Bohemian ideals meet the toughness of the city… I love the tension and energy this creates.” says Peter Philips.

The SOHO STORY Collection is a study in extreme contrasts, partnering feminine pinks and roses with strong, industrial metallics. From pretty cheekbones to anthracite nails, tender creams and flashes of metal simultaneously reflect and contradict each other. “I had a specific girl in mind who is both hard and soft. A girl who discovers a new city, a new life.” adds Peter Philips. “This is a very special kind of New York woman. She is innocent, but she has a steely determination that fuels the city.”

To view more pics of the collection, check it out after the jump!

MAC Winter '10: A Tartan Tale

Here's a little teaser of the MAC winter collection, to be released around late October / early November! I for one love the packaging! I think it's definitely a sweet new concept. I'll be posting more about it soon!

Squeal some more after the jump!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Carmela Villegas

Carms, 25.
parisienne/ pinoy at heart/ 
hopelessly romantic/future patisserie owner/ 
julien's love/ shoe and bag fanatic

For a really simple, classic routine, read on after the jump!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Marie Martelino Lon

Marie, 24.

"I am a film production student at USC's specialty Cinematic Arts school funded by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.

I am a guitarist for a hip-hop group."

For some really awesome hair products and some tips, read on after the jump!

Brows & Lashes: Will we ever be able to have it all?

Every time I'm in the drugstore for little errands, the L'Oreal counter catches my eye with its big blue Renewal Lash Serum poster. It makes me think of this never ending struggle to enhance what we have, which is a more pocket-friendly alternative to permanent enhancements (collagen lip injections, brow implants etc) - but these products are coming up so fast in the beauty market that it's hard to keep up with what actually works. I've heard many women complain about the sparseness of their brows, and the stubby length or their lashes - I thought brow kits and gels would cut it, and there's always the glorious invention of the Fiberwig mascara and the Shu Uemura lash curler (best tool in the world), but it doesn't seem like it's ENOUGH. 

First things first. TRY EVERYTHING you can before going for a permanent fix.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Try it for the weekend: Go Organic

My favorite thing about Sundays is the Legazpi Organic Market. I'm there every week since I live so close to it, so you could probably run into me somewhere between ten and eleven am. Not only does it have yummy food (amazing homemade jams, enormous ensaymadas, honey and other really incredible things) but it's got quite it's fair share of locally made organic products. And you know, products and I go hand in hand, no matter where I find them. Let me walk you through some of my favorite vendors.

Z.E.N. (Zestful, Energetic, Natural) Organic Personal Care Products:
Now when you enter the market through the parking lot, this is the first stall to catch your eye. Well, if you're looking past the gigantic Himalayan salt rocks (which are also quite rad). The Z.E.N. booth is like a buffet for product junkies because it's got everything you need and quite possibly more. The baskets of soap that are lined up in front of the tables are hard to miss, people are constantly squatting around the area grabbing at hundreds of multi-flavored/colored/functional bars of glycerin and vco. I personally love the Cinnamon soap, because it smells divine (cinnamon turns your senses on full force, really helpful on a monday morning), the Barako Coffee scrub (prevents cellulite!!!), the Palawan Kelp scrub (SLIMMING!!!) and their gugo bark shampoo (which my dad swears by). Try not to use up all your money in the first five minutes at the market or you'll be sorry (but thrilled, secretly).

Indigo Baby:
Well! I have a lot to say about these products (whose part-owner I just featured a week ago, Monica Eleazar-Manzano), probably because I have a two year old son who is incredibly enticing to mosquitoes and just about any other bite-crazy creature (his father). The Shoo Fly Don't Bother Me insect repellent is genius because: a) it really does work, b) it doesn't smell like other organic repellents (most of the ones I've tried before this one had a super strong citronella smell) c) the whole family is obsessed with it and d) it's chemical free which is really important for little ones. And when Lucas was very young he used to scratch his face a lot, which is how the Jar of Hope first-aid gel came in super handy. I myself use it when I have headaches, I sort of just rub it right into my temples and wait for the cool feeling to take over.

Milea Bath and Body Wellness Essentials (All Organics):
I am OC about my skincare regimen, and there is always one particular ingredient that I'm after - Guava. It was introduced to me a couple of years ago by the mom of one of my friends and I've been using it ever since. Since I moved back to Manila it's been much easier for me to find, and this particular brand of Guava soap is amazing. Also, I use their Rosehip Cream compulsively, but on my hands as opposed to my face.

Probably the best packaging and most unique formulations I have seen for eco-sustainable products EVER. This is the kind of store that will sweep you off your feet because you will feel like you NEED everything. For your body, for your home (herbal laundry detergent!). I have spent a decent amount of time standing in front of this stall simply staring (at the risk of weirding out the very cool people who run it). I swear by their Skin Disorder Manager soap which has chamomile and calendula for my little bouts of skin issues. Good luck trying to pick just a few items!

Human Heart Nature:
Talk about brand loyalty. I literally have everything from this line of products. I've been hooked from day one. With proceeds going to Gandang Kalikasan and outstanding ethical principles behind the brand, it's hard not to go crazy at the Human Heart Nature stall. People have been so crazy for it that it's now in Rustan's supermarket - making it readily available to the maddening crowd. However, I still like trawling through the market to peek at the small but varied collection at the Legazpi booth. You may have heard about their super fantastic Tomato and Lemongrass toner, or even their Moringa facewash - and yes, it's all true. These products work like their more expensive department store counterparts but without the dryness and harsh stinging of chemicals. My picks are any of the toners, the guava and aloe vera face wash, and the handy dandy sanitizers.

So next time you're sitting around on a Sunday wondering what to do - you know where you should be! Happy weekend!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Cylynne Mationg

Cy, 22.

student/make-up neophyte/twitterer/flower child

For more on Cy's make-up picks and great advice, read on after the jump!

Aziza Mondoñedo

Aziza, 25.
lingerie & swimwear distributor/movie buff/
pilates buff/ aspiring broadway ingenue/ 
artist deep down inside

Very excited about this one, it reminds me of my own bathroom cabinet! 
For the most detailed interview yet, read on after the jump!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Monica Eleazar Manzano

Monica, 27.
yoga instructor/yummy mummy to Santi/
nouveau Palawan native/part-owner of Indigo Baby

For the most simple and refreshing regimen, read on after the jump!
Also, check out the details of her Three-day Inner Dance, Yoga & Raw Food Retreat on September 17-19, 2010.

Monday, August 23, 2010

L'Wren Scott for Lancome Holiday '10

Come November, designer L’Wren Scott’s collaboration with Lancome will launch. The line includes nail polish ($14.50, Php 652.00), lipstick ($29.00, Php 1305.00), lipgloss ($29.00, Php 1305.00), eyeshadow palette ($42.00, Php 1890.00), and mascara ($24.50, Php 1102.00).

I'm really excited for this little capsule collection. When I first heard about it I thought it was only a polish line, but she's got a great little L'Wren lipstick and a new version of Hypnose Drama. Must have it!

Rhea Schmid

 Rhea, 17.
amateur photographer/CCD teacher/animal lover

For some fuss-free natural beauty picks, read on after the jump!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pauline Prieto

Pauline, 17.
astrologer's apprentice/stranger/
model/child of the universe/animal whisperer

For more versatile picks and awesome hair products, check it out after the jump!

Chanel Le Vernis A/W '10: Khaki!

I'm not so into nail polish (well, I love pedicures as a relaxation thing) and I was never the type to consistently do it at home (one of my best friends, Dani, gives herself manicures when she's stressed out) - but would you take a look at these polishes? I've never been experimental, and these are perfectly up my alley. Neutrals with an awesome kick to them. I'm seriously looking forward to trying these colors during my next appointment!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Make Up For Ever A/W '10: Moulin Rouge

Named for the glamorous and sensual Moulin Rouge, this four piece collection is
surely going to set a lot of people's hearts on fire. The incredibly retro feel of the
packaging is just a plus! For more details and pictures, follow after the jump!

Try it for the weekend: Homemade Sugar Scrubs

No matter how much you love the spa and claim to have detox days every month, there's nothing like a simple at home treatment that yields some instantly gratifying results. If you've got sugar, then you're good as gold for these very simple recipes after the jump.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laetitia Meriguet

Letti, 21.
daddy's little princess/artist/
wild child/urban bohemian/parisienne

For some saucy products and really useful advice, read on after the jump!


Elisah van Vriesland

Elisah, 24.  
london-based digital marketer/wannabe runner/
ever-smiling/cheesecake addict 

For some natural looking beauty picks, check it out after the jump!

Martina Olbes-Diokno

Marts, 24.
humanitarian worker/pole queen/comic relief/
passionate flame/music is her aeroplane

For some super fun picks and know-how, read on after the jump!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pick of the Week: Laura Mercier's Flawless Face Kit

After a rough day yesterday I decided to brave the midweek crowds and made my way to Rustan's for a little look-see at the beauty department. I promised myself that if I were to buy something new it would have to be something a little less exorbitant than usual, I'd have to buy something NECESSARY and practical.

Practical for me is normally not so practical at all, but I did come across something that I consider a steal of a buy. Awhile back, Laura Mercier launched a little kit that promised to banish dull, spotty and lifeless skin from the face of the earth. It comes in two mixes, one mineral and one liquid. The Flawless Face Kit has a combination of no-fail items that makes it easy for even the most inexperienced beginners to achieve natural glowing skin. Linda, the name of the sweet make-up artist at hand, was very excited to show me the full effect of the kit. I promised her that I would send readers her way after my review, so here goes:


My kit is in the color NUDE (Flawless Face Kit w/ tinted moisturizer):
 The kit comes with the following items, to be used in a particular order for the FULL EFFECT:

For what's inside the kit & more, read on after the jump!

MAC A/W '10: Fabulous Felines

The Burmese Collection

Press Release:
You can keep her, but you’ll never own her.
From the royal halls of ancient Egypt to the wilds of the jungle, the noble cat has always been associated with the exotic, mysterious, beauty, elegance, and most of all, the feminine.
M·A·C has a seductive new take on the feline mystique. M·A·C FABULOUS FELINES. The most alluring, preening, fawned-over facets of the feline are magnified and accentuated in three new collections inspired by the colours and textures of the world’s most prized pedigrees, perfectly mirroring the rich shades and slinky sophisticated looks we saw on the Fall 2010 runways.
There’s the pampered creature of luxury, the chocolate-hued Burmese, the wild and sleek ginger Ocicat, and the plush and privileged sable Russian Blue. It’s everything compelling we loved on the catwalk…chic, couture-inspired and cunningly compulsory!

For more seriously awesome pictures of the huge collection, look on after the jump!

Isabel Sanchez

Isa, 23.
posterchild for wanderlust/master's student at LSE/
sexy librarian/closet optimist/every kid's godmother
photo taken by Steph on the Champs de Mars in Paris

For a peek at her sexy products, check it out after the jump!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Alessandra Perez Rubio

Aly, 23.
jobless graduate/rookie new yorker/hustler/
dreamer/future head of a multinational fashion house

To see some amazingly classic yet fresh picks, read on after the jump!

Paul & Joe A/W '10: Moonlight

Despite all the dark ghoulish hues we've seen from other collections, this season's Paul & Joe limited edition line is really quirky and bright. Inspired by moonlight, it has its fun palettes and the colors appear to be quite wearable. Their packaging is always the biggest plus for me, but I do have a question. What made them think that people would want to swipe at their lips with cat-shaped lipstick???

More product pics and whatnot after the jump!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ces Olondriz

Ces, 22.
textile designer/tattoo artiste/pitching coach/modern pin-up

For some sexy make-up picks, read on after the jump!

Krystle Uy

Kryz, 20.
freelance writer/blogger/stylist/
danseuse/boutique owner/model

For some insight on incredible skin, read on after the jump.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fixing up your Monday Face!

So people generally think it's okay to be a little grimy on the weekends: unbrushed hair, raccoon eyes from the previous night, skin disasters on display. And hey, if that's how you roll I think it's okay because chances are you work so hard during the week you need a little down time to be unkempt. But once Monday morning rolls around, you don't want to hear your boss say "Man, you look like shit". Let's face it, Mondays are not that kind to us. We have the whole weekend hanging onto us like excess baggage, and maybe your nerves are a wreck over an AM meeting's presentation. Whatever it is, you might find this little article useful.

It only takes ten minutes of your time to fix yourself up, and these ten minutes do NOT include the long shower you should have to get yourself together (but while you're at it, why don't you use a citrusy shower gel? The smell will give you some energy).
Here we go...

Read on for some pretty simple tips after the jump.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ingrid Holm

Ingrid, 23.
 blogger/part-time gypsy/model/ 
vintage enthusiast/master suitcase packer

For some iconic beauty classics, look on after the jump!

Lancome A/W '10: French Coquettes!

Lancome's simply pretty fall collection is called "French Coquettes", and it's a straightforward collection which includes two very wearable shades of polish, two sexy lipsticks (one neutral and one dark), three highly pigmented eye shadow pots, a soft luminous blush and a little palette with your standard smoky eye versus neutrals look. A no-brainer, this collection will do really well with people looking to update their classics with "a twist" - everything here stands out against the fluorescent purples of most other brands this season.

AN: I think the best buy in this whole collection is their nail polish called Bloody Black Cherry! It's a really sexy shade of dark red, which is perfect for fall.

MAC A/W '10: Rodarte for MAC

"Rodarte's  MAC collection, which launches on September 15, is inspired by Mexico's colors and culture, and the products are named accordingly. For example, one pink blush is called Quinceañera, while a sheer white lipstick is called Ghost Town. However, the frosty pink nail polish called Juarez isn't sitting well with blogger the Frisky, who finds it "tasteless" " - from The Cut

For my take on this, and a little more product to peek at, read on after the jump:

Friday, August 13, 2010

Alia Nahas

Alia, 25.
Unconventional Mother/Eccentric/Gym junkie/
Food enthusiast/Internet shopper
 "I'm a good girl with a bad temper! Respect and loyalty is number 1. 
Fashion should be expensive and anyone that says otherwise can kiss my Gucci. 
But I believe that true beauty is something that emanates from a person's
natural idiosyncrasies, ie: cheeky smile, tucking hair behind ear. Etc."

 For some real know-how and amazing products, read on after the jump!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nimrat Brar

Nim, 23.
artiste/graphic designer/stationery hoarder/
ice cruncher/citizen of the world
photo taken in New York City

For really good tips and creative advice, read on after the jump!

Bernadette Saggi

Det, 27.
3d max specialist/interior designer/painter
ghost hunter/very frustrated singer
Photo by: Steph, in the bathroom

Solution for eyebrow woes and classic finds, after the jump!

NARS A/W '10: "Old Hollywood meets the Future"... an in depth preview!

The new fall collection for NARS is really exciting for me. Inspired by Daphne Guinness, this collection is described by Francois Nars as Old Hollywood meets Futuristic look. The colors are really intense, but somehow I find them to be perfectly wearable for most skin tones. Let me break the collection down for you after the jump!

Thistle Guevara

Thistle, 21.
model/radio broadcaster/youth advocate/
dancer of all sorts/artist/workout fanatic
Photo by: Harley Tiu

To look like THAT and create a super positive mindset, 
I suggest you read what comes after the jump!

Shu Uemura A/W '10: "Florescent"

Shu Uemura's new Fall/Winter "Florescent" collection looks really fun and promising - as usual the packaging is awesome, and the palettes are perfect little combinations.

However, it is a bit similar to the Venemous Villains color scheme (vivid purples and hot pinks) that MAC has... hmm. Which store will you pay a visit to this season?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

BB Cream Exposed!

It is a beautiful and damned thing that my friend Tenne and I happen to work extremely close to Greenbelt 5. After burning huge holes in our wallets from the exorbitant food spending, we've started to grab wraps at Starbucks so that we can kill the rest of the lunch hour by power browsing. There's no area that we haven't covered, and recently we've come across quite a number of BB Creams in local drugstores and specialty outlets. You may have seen them featured in magazines, online blogs and online stores - but what do you really know about this supposed miracle cream?

I'd like to think I know a lot about product, I'm one of those really crazed consumers that is easily amazed by fiber mascaras, keratin shampoo and vitamin e oil - but I had no idea up till this morning what BB (Blemish Balm) Cream actually was. Firstly, it apparently has active ingredients and minerals that clear your skin of dark spots, freckles and wrinkles. The stores call it a multi-functional cream that soothes, protects, moisturizes and covers blemishes. It may sound too good to be true, considering the price range is relatively cheap and it seems to have sprouted up everywhere from Watsons to Skinfood. But does it actually work?

Results from a ton of tests in Korea show that it indeed fades your freckles after a month of use, and this test was orchestrated on older women (mid 30's up). So according to the manufacturers of brands like Skin79, younger skin gets more benefits from using the lightly tinted cream (it maintains the good quality of your skin and improves the slight imperfections). So what now? Is this supposed to be a treatment or actual makeup? Here's the Q&A skinny on how to use the cream, and where to get it locally or online - after the jump!

Mariel Quimson

Mariel, 24.
animal rights activist/jewelry designer/
compulsive renovator/compulsive cat adopter
 Photo by: Ramon Quiros at Polo Club

To see Mariel's no-fuss classic picks, read on after the jump!

Patricia Prieto

Patricia, 19.
 "I live, breath and love a lifestyle based on what I love
Fashion, music, writing, art, dance and happiness."
"This photo was taken after a shoot I did few days ago. 
I really like this shot cause I love how my hair falls, it's a dream of mine
to have wavy hair like this for real."
See Patricia's make-up & skincare picks after the jump!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MAC A/W '10 Venemous Villains!

Looks like we won't be needing any fairy godmothers for fall!
More pictures and the Press Release after the jump!

Edeliza Virata

Ede, 26.
PR & marketing/island hopper/
beachmonger/loves Komodo dragons. 
Photo by: Jon Carlos Rodriguez. 
Taken on an island in Coron, Palawan.
(Okay, I don't know about you, but I want to know what SHE uses!)
(Look out for it after the jump!)