Friday, August 13, 2010

Alia Nahas

Alia, 25.
Unconventional Mother/Eccentric/Gym junkie/
Food enthusiast/Internet shopper
 "I'm a good girl with a bad temper! Respect and loyalty is number 1. 
Fashion should be expensive and anyone that says otherwise can kiss my Gucci. 
But I believe that true beauty is something that emanates from a person's
natural idiosyncrasies, ie: cheeky smile, tucking hair behind ear. Etc."

 For some real know-how and amazing products, read on after the jump!

My top body/hair products are:

1. Moroccan Oil:- This is the shit! It makes your hair silky smooth and gets rid of frizz, adds shine, all without the greasiness.

2. Aveda Hair Products:- Their products are all natural, pricey, but worth every cent. And if you get the jumbo bottles, you get your money's worth and it lasts really long. I have tried a million hair brands from cheap supermarket varieties to salon brands including, Redken, Paul Mitchell, etc... And this brand beats them all. My fav is Damage Remedy for dry hair, and Brilliant Shampoo and Conditioner for a clean, soft, shiny look.

3. Bio Oil:- This stuff is unbelievable. This is a chemist brand we have in Australia. It is awesome for stretch marks, dark spots, dry skin. I smear it everywhere! I also use it on my face as a moisturizer. My mother in law is using it and it got rid of her facial dark spots. You have to see it to believe it. And it makes your body lightly shiny. Great with a miniskirt :-)

4. Nivea Q10+:- I have been using this since my teens for skin firming and cellulite. It is the best body lotion I have tried and the cheapest body beauty product I know. I used it when I was pregnant and never got a stretch mark. Or maybe I was lucky. Lol.

5. Khiels Creme De Corps:- For the body. A great moisturiser. Super absorbent. Loved by Sarah Jessica Parker. Loved by me.


1. CETAPHIL:- The best base for makeup is a clean face and I adore this. I have tried everything from La Mer to La Prairie and this stuff cleans without drying and doesn't give pimples. I use with a cotton swab to clear makeup and wash again to make sure my face is ready for the next step.

2. Creme De La Mer:- This is the shit. LOL! I love it. Esp in winter or as a night cream. I don't over-use it cos I think it starts to leave a layer on your skin at times (It's super thick). But it's amazing.

3. Maybeline Collosal Mascara:- The one that is coloured yellow and purple. Doesn't smudge. Thickens... Dramatic. Better than Lancome cos Lancome dries up pretty fast and never lasts long.

4. La Mer Concealer:- La Mer again, but they have THE best under-eye concealer EVER. U can also use it on other parts of your face but maybe in a darker colour.

5. FRESH SUGAR POLISH!: This is my NUMBER 1 FAV. It's a facial exfoliant and you leave it on like a mask and scrub it off. Removes all dead skin cells, and it is so moisturizing, unlike other scrubs you don't even feel dry or irritated. It also smells so good.
Makeup Brands I like include:
Nars (esp. eyeshadows)
Giorgio Armani
Bobbi Brown

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