Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Paul & Joe A/W '10: Moonlight

Despite all the dark ghoulish hues we've seen from other collections, this season's Paul & Joe limited edition line is really quirky and bright. Inspired by moonlight, it has its fun palettes and the colors appear to be quite wearable. Their packaging is always the biggest plus for me, but I do have a question. What made them think that people would want to swipe at their lips with cat-shaped lipstick???

More product pics and whatnot after the jump!

Pretty face and eye color palettes! I personally think the one in the middle is the most wearable, but the other two are just plain fun! Reminds me of make up for Barbie. 
Face & Eye color in: Silvery Moon (top), Paper Moon (middle), and Blue Moon (bottom).

This is where it starts to get a little weird. I wouldn't even know how to begin using these lipsticks, even if the cat is cute and the color is nice. It's just too odd, it's as if the rampant rabbit sat atop the tip of your foundation stick. To me, this just looks like a bad joke about pocket rockets waiting to happen.
Lipstick in: (L-R) Clair de Lune, Over the Moon, and Moon Shadow.

This little face color compact is so sweet as a highlighter for anyone. It would be nice for that little part under your brows, the length of your nose or right across your cheekbones.
Face Color in Luna. Two colors not shown are Harvest Moon (peachy shimmer) and Pagan (mauve-ish).

All in all I think this is a pretty neat collection to check out. There's nothing incredibly outstanding about it asides from the usual shabby chic packaging that looks neat on your dresser/counter. The shades are not unforgettable, but they aren't so standard that you wouldn't take a second look. I'd go with the highlighting Face Color if ever I had to take my pick, as one little compact can give you varied instant results. However, if you do need a serious conversation piece to use in the ladies' room, there's always that lipstick!

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