Thursday, August 19, 2010

Laetitia Meriguet

Letti, 21.
daddy's little princess/artist/
wild child/urban bohemian/parisienne

For some saucy products and really useful advice, read on after the jump!


Five favorite make up products:

- Sisley paris eye concealer with botanical extracts:
Perfect after a night out or for any girl who has problems with eye bags because the botanical extracts reduce puffiness and works wonders for the dark circles!

- Barbie Stila smudge pot (smudge pot eye liner):
The color i use is called "little black dress", its black but under the light you see shades of very discreet purple glitters. the best way to make a anyone stare at your eyes! plus its so easy to use and smudge with your finger tips!

- brow defining pencil, Giorgio Armani:
For all of you girls who over plucked or dont want to dye your eyebrows! this pencil is very easy easy to use and looks so natural, people dont even notice you have it on.

- luminous silk foundation, Giorgio Armani
This foundation is ideal for girls with oily skin because of its soft and very silky texture. not only does it look so natural but feels like you're putting on a moisturizing cream! i truly believe that they have the best colours for everyone.

- Coup de theatre 2 in 1 mascara, Bourjois
Look fresh and awake with the bourjois coup de theatre mascara. it makes your lashes look much longer and very thick! for a simply day look: moisturizer and this mascara, you will always look good!
Five skincare, bodycare, haircare products:

- daily microfoliant, Dermalogica
It's a rice based powder formula. you simply rinse your face with water, put a bit of powder in your hand and start scrubbing your face. its not too rough on your skin which explains why you can use it everyday, especially when it so humide outside!

- hand and nail treatment cream, Clarins:
This cream fixes everything: it soften hands, minimizes age spots, strengthens nails. what i like the most about it is that your skin absorbs it so fast so you hands dont get sticky!

- one step facial cleanser, Purity:
 I must admit that sometimes i'm too lazy to remove my makeup but when i see my purity bottle i honestly run to it and smudge it all over my face because it smells so yummy, the texture is so smooth and relaxing, and it takes all of your makeup out, including eye makeup!

- nutri gloss for dull hair lacking shine, Elseve 
My hair sometimes looks very dry, especially the ends! i just put a bit of the shine on and it magically looks healthy again. its also very useful after a blow-dry, put some on all over you hair to make it look shiny and keep the baby hairs well behaved!

-smoothing body scrub for new skin, Clarins 
Your skin will be sooooo smooth after! just use it once or twice a week.

Beauty advice: Alot of girls look like racoons after a long night out. to avoid this problem put powder on your eyes BEFORE AND AFTER putting eye liner and eye shadow: helps avoid smudges and stays longer!

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