Thursday, August 19, 2010

Martina Olbes-Diokno

Marts, 24.
humanitarian worker/pole queen/comic relief/
passionate flame/music is her aeroplane

For some super fun picks and know-how, read on after the jump!

Ok I obviously loveeee shimmer haha :p

Hmmm… top 5 to 8 things in my make up bag:

First off, concealer, concealer, concealer. :p I like Time Balm from The Balm (can be found at any Beauty Bar) because it covers just enough without looking too thick or heavy on the skin. I use light/medium normally and medium when I’m tanned.

After the concealer, powder – since my skin is combination (and ewww bordering on oily certain times of the month haha). MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC 25 normally and like my concealer, NC 30 when tanned :D

For blush I like using colors that are a combination of bronzer and blush. Right now I’m using MAC’s Light Over Dark mineralize blush simply because the “Light” part can determine how sparkly I want my cheekbones to be, depending on my mood (or time of day).

As an excellent base shadow, Shu Uemura’s cream eye shadow in P pink is amazing whether for day or night. For the day, it simply adds some shimmer on top of the lids. At night, it’s perfect before adding a different shade of shadow or some eyeliner… and the creamy texture helps your eye make up last throughout the night.

Barbie Stila gel liner is the best! Not just Stila gel liners but the Barbie edition! My favorites are Purple Pumps and Little Black Dress. These gel liners can be used to simply trace the eyelids or as bold eye shadows because of their vibrant shimmer and color. Little Black Dress seems like the normal black gel liner but has lots of tiny purple glitters. Purple Pumps totally lives up to the “Barbie” in the Stila Barbie line. Best part, they don’t smear or smudge and while they last long, they’re easy to wipe off with make up remover :)

Last is Maybelline’s Volum’ Express Cat Eyes Mascara. Instead of having the usual thick mascara applicator, this one uses a comb. This way, the mascara is less likely to clump the eyelashes and looks a lot more natural. Best part? The price!

I think I should stop now… Or else I’ll go on forever. 

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