Sunday, August 22, 2010

Pauline Prieto

Pauline, 17.
astrologer's apprentice/stranger/
model/child of the universe/animal whisperer

For more versatile picks and awesome hair products, check it out after the jump!

my top 5 (make-up)

1.) black anna sui eye liner
2.) compact powder from kiko
3.) urban decay black eye shadow
4.) clear gloss from mac
5.) mascara from revlon

my top 5 (skin and hair products)

1.) cutler definiton cream
2.) cutler fly-away stick
3.) barex gloss styling glaze
4.) kruna anti-blemish mask
5.) the all nighter hair powder

the most expensive for me on the list would have to be the anna sui eye liner but heck while the cheapest was the mascara from revlon :)

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